How to use the conference platform


Our virtual conference platform (called Lunchpool) allows you to move from small group to small group, just as at a live networking event. You can find groups throughout our space organized around particular topics, or labeled for particular member cohorts. Once logged in, you’ll be able to direct your own experience to find the conversations or people that matter to you.

if you need help

Before or during login: contact or text/call our help desk at 516-668-1161 in the US or 054-777-9236 in Israel.

Click Play to Watch an Instructional Video About the Conference Platform


Enter our Lab space using the link given in your confirmation email. Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use. We also recommend disconnecting any firewalls or VPNs you are operating.

Enter the username and password included in your confirmation email to login. (If you already have a Lunchpool account, you will log in with your existing password. You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Password if you don’t know it.)

The platform will do a systems check on your equipment and browser and request permission to use your camera and microphone. (See images 1 & 2.) Please note, especially for Mac users, if it says “system check failed” but you still see a button saying “skip & join event”, we recommend clicking the button and entering the platform anyway, as it seems to work in most cases. (See image 3.)




navigating in the lab

When you first enter the environment, your camera and microphone will be off. Turn them on using the buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

The networking space is a graphical map filled with several seating areas. Each area can seat up to eight people. When you enter, you’ll automatically be placed at a random seating area and from there you can move around freely by double-clicking on the seating area of your choice.

When you join a group, you’ll be in a video conversation with the other people in that area.

You can see who’s in a group before you join it by clicking (once) on a person seated there.

More on Navigating

The networking space has multiple floors – seating is available on all floors. To switch floors, click the floor number on the strip on the left side of the screen.

Many seating areas are labeled with a theme, either by topic, by cohort, or by host. Use the button in the platform — or just click here to see the daily Topic Directory — for the complete list of table discussions and which floor they’re on. When you first arrive, if you find yourself at a table with a topic you’re not interested in, you can move to one you like better, or to one of the areas that has no theme.

There are a number of two-person seating areas on each floor to allow you to have a private meeting with other attendees. Once your area is full, nobody else can join.

Changing the view

You can zoom in and out using the wheel on your mouse, or your browser’s zoom-in/zoom-out commands.

You can also click and drag the map to get a better view of something.


Use the Chat tool to see the names of everyone who is logged in. You can use the chat tool to send a message to any individual who is logged in, or to all the people at your seating area, or to everyone in the whole space. Search the list by name and click on the name to send a message.

If you select “General Chat” your message will go out to everyone currently in the platform.

If you select “Table Chat” your message will go out only to whomever is currently sitting at your table with you.

To start a “Private Chat” search for the participant with whom you’d like to communicate. Then, select their name under Private chat and start a new message, which only they will see.

changing the view

When in a seating area, you’ll see the other people at your table in small video squares across the top. Click on the video square of any one person to see them larger.

Click “Tile View” on the toolbar on the bottom to see larger video squares of everyone in the group. Click “Back to Floor” on the toolbar to return to the map view with small video squares across the top.

updating your profile

To update anything on your profile – including your picture or other information that users will see – click the round button on the top right with your image or your initial on it.

moving to workshops or family group meetings

There will be times throughout each day where we leave the Lab to go to a program in Zoom. Look on the map for the large button in the center of all floors that reads WORKSHOPS or FAMILY GROUPS. When it’s time for one of those programs, click that button and follow the prompts to get to the program of your choice.

Your family group assignment is provided with your login instructions.

if you need help

Before or during login: contact or text/call 516-668-1161 in the US or 054-777-9236 in Israel.