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Topic Tables

Each day, the conference’s networking space (called The Lab) has a number of virtual “tables” where you can meet with other members for discussions on subjects of mutual interest.

You can visit a table that interests you during the daily coffee break. The Lab will be open continuously throughout the day in case you prefer not to attend workshops or the daily Family Group meetings.

During the daily coffee break, some topic tables are hosted by conference sponsors, while others are unhosted and serve as a place to gather for self-directed conversation. (Think of it like a cocktail party, where you can enjoy informal chat with whomever you find at the table.) There are also plenty of tables that do not have an assigned topic are are for general networking.

The networking space has six “floors.” The tables are scattered throughout all the floors and will change each day. You can move to whatever floor you like at any time.

Please review the list below to find where you’d like to spend some time during the program.

See our technology help page to better understand how this all works.

Table Directory

Hosted Tables

The tables below will be officially hosted only during the daily coffee break. Hosts may also be at their tables before the program begins at 11 am ET / 17:00 IL.

Please review schedule below of which tables are hosted on which days.


  • The Academy & the Pandemic (Floor 2) — Hosted on all days by Edmond de Rothschild Foundation Israel COVID-19 removed the psychological barrier to digital learning and revealed some of the fundamental questions about the role of higher education in the 21st century. Which changes are necessary in the academy to better fit the changing world of employment? What are the risks and opportunities for vulnerable populations? And what is the role of philanthropy?
  • Judaism and American Democracy (Floor 1) — Hosted on all days by the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living TorahCome for a timely conversation about the relationship between the Jewish community and governments over time. We’ll discuss the challenges and beliefs that drive these relationships, and what values we believes should be at the core of the relationship between the Jewish community and the American polity in 2021.
  • Whole-Soul Investing (Floor 2) — Hosted on all days by Elah FundThe best kind of ROI aligns commercial successes with substantive contributions to a robust shared society. Come to talk strategies for building transformative global companies with a soul/NISHAMA of sustainability, diversity, and engagement in local communities.  Our NISHAMA – as well as our investments – are in Israel. This virtual table is host to an exchange of ideas relevant for all values-driven impact investors.
  • Serve the Moment: Jewish Service During the Pandemic (Floor 4) — Hosted on all days by Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family PhilanthropiesMeet with the Repair the World team to explore how the Jewish community can live the value of caring for our neighbors during the pandemic. We’ll discuss the collaborative efforts of more than 40 Jewish organizations to respond to the pandemic by mobilizing our community to volunteer, both in-person and online, catalyzing more than 100,000 acts of service and learning. We’ll share the latest research from the national service sector, our most recent evaluation, and discuss how we might build thriving Jewish life through service in support of social change.  .
  • Racial Equity Discussion Group (Floor 3) — Hosted Wednesday only by Jim Joseph FoundationDiscussions of race, diversity, and inclusion have engaged every aspect of Jewish life over the last year. Starting in August of 2020, a self-organized group of foundation and federation professionals have been coming together to discuss ways that we can elevate the voices of Jews of Color across our communities and to share about investment opportunities. Please stop by during the break if you’d like to learn more about this group and how you can get involved.
  • Philanthropy as “Catalytic Capital” (Floor 4) — Hosted on all days by Bob Gottesman & OGEN Group stop by during the break to discuss the role that philanthropy and innovation take in growing Israel’s impact investment ecosystem, through the case study of Ogen and its dramatic growth.
  • Impact Investing (Floor 3) — Hosted on Monday and Wednesday only by Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher FoundationJoin Doug Bitonti Stewart with the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation to chat about your adventures in impact investing – all levels of experience welcome. .
  • Jewish Peoplehood (Floor 1) — Hosted on Monday and Wednesday only by the CRB Family Foundation — If Jewish peoplehood is equally about common identity as it is about shared responsibilities, how would you define those obligations in 2021? When disagreements emerge between Israel and the Diaspora, are there more effective strategies that could be utilized to bridge divides and foster unity and consensus? Join us to explore these questions further.  .
  • Changing Relations Between Arabs & Israelis (Floor 1) — Hosted on Tuesday and Wednesday by Dr. Georgette Bennett — Discuss the recent realignments in the Middle East, the search for partnerships between Arab and Jewish funders; Israeli assistance to Syrian war victims; and moderate Palestinian organizations.
  • Healthier Older Israelis (Floor 3) — Hosted on Wednesday day by the Bader PhilanthropiesThe pandemic has increased a sense of isolation among all Israelis, but public-health orders have left older Israelis particularly vulnerable, both mentally and physically. Join the conversation with fellow funders working on approaches to increase interpersonal connections and boost health and wellness in new ways.
  • Green Coffee Break (Floor 2) Hosted on Tuesday and Wednesday by Green Funders Forum — Share your coffee break with fellow funders who care about global and local environmental challenges, whether currently funding in the field or interested in learning more. Join Marla Stein, Stein Family Fund, co-chair of the Green Funders Forum (GFF), which provides knowledge, networking and consultations for funders interested in learning more about Israel’s environment or the global challenge of climate change. Funders who consider themselves “green funders” or may be interested to add impact by intersecting the environment with existing giving priorities.
  • Jewish Poverty Office Hours (Floor 1) —Hosted on all days by National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty Poverty in the Jewish community can be invisible and laced with stigma, but has been on the rise especially as a result of the pandemic. Have you been worried about those who are struggling in your community? Looking for ways to do more or don’t know where to start? Join leaders within the National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty to chat, learn more, and share ideas.
  • Keshet—DAF in Israel (Floor 1) —Hosted on all days by Keshet Donor Advised Fund Keshet is the first fund of its kind in Israel for managed donations. Keshet DAF IL offers an innovative financial infrastructure for smart and effective philanthropy, in collaboration with JFN. Come meet us and learn more
  • JCF Fundholders table (Floor 6) — Hosted on Wednesday  — DAFholders with Jewish Communal Fund are welcome to gather during the coffee break to touch base.

    Unhosted Topic / Cohort Tables (All Days)

  • Young Donors (Floor 6)
  • Antisemitism (Floor 1)
  • Young Professionals (Floor 4)
  • Canadian Donors (Floor 2)
  • Western US Members (Floor 5)
  • Midwestern US Members (Floor 3)
  • Israeli Members (Floor 3)
  • Active Aging (Floor 2)
  • Arab-Jewish Shared Society in Israel (Floor 2)
  • Security and Safety (Floor 3)
  • Israel on Campus (Floor 4)
  • Racial Justice/Equity (Floor 5)
  • Holocaust Survivors (Floor 6)
  • Haredi Society – Challenges and Opportunities (Floor 6)
  • Youth/Young Adults At-Risk (Floor 1)
  • Interfaith Families (Floor 4)
  • Mental Health (Floor 6)
  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (Floor 4)
  • Jewish Identity (Floor 5)
  • Formal Jewish Education (Floor 6)
  • Jewish Camp (Floor 1)
  • Jewish Early Childhood Education (Floor 3)
  • Supplemental Jewish Education (Floor 4)
  • STEM (Floor 5)
  • Jewish Community Centers (Floor 5)
  • Israeli Arab Society (Floor 1)
  • Jewish Teen Engagement (Floor 6)
  • Israel Travel (Floor 2)
  • Disabilities (Floor 4)
  • Workforce Development (Floor 5)
  • Refugees (Floor 6)
  • Israel Engagement (Advocacy) (Floor 1)
  • Science & Technology (Floor 5)
  • Affordable Housing (Floor 3)
  • Social Justice (Floor 4)
  • Next Gen/Succession (Floor 5)
  • Women Funders (Floor 6)