Jewish Funders Network 2021 Virtual Conference

Monday, March 15 – Wednesday, March 17
11 am – 3 pm Eastern  |  17:00 – 21:00 ISRAEL  |  8 am – 12 pm Pacific

The past year has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. In this “new abnormal,” no aspect of life has been untouched by Covid, and we’ve had to rethink how we live, work, relate to one another, pray, eat, travel, and — not least — how and to whom we give.

We are at a turning point, surrounded by unprecedented financial need, with every sector of the Jewish world affected. The pandemic has sparked great creativity as well as great anxiety. Existing trends have accelerated, for good and ill, and new issues have arisen. Big-picture thinking about the future is more critical than ever, but must be done alongside the task of addressing the immediate needs of communal institutions and NGOs around the world. The long-term impact is not yet clear: Will Jewish life return to the way it was before Covid? More importantly, should it?

The JFN virtual conference posits that donors in this environment must bring to bear three elements that, bonded together, form the molecular structure of Jewish philanthropy in 2021. Each day of our program explores one element. On Monday, March 15, we focus on resilience, to ensure our grantees and communal infrastructure can better withstand crises. On Tuesday, March 16, we reflect on humility, to work in true partnership with other funders and grantees, to use our power well and thoughtfully, and to operate in a way that builds each other up even when we disagree. Finally, on Wednesday, March 17, we turn to community itself, focusing on the bonds we make to one another, and how to strengthen them even — especially — in a time of isolation.

From the minyan to the Shabbat dinner table, from the classroom to the transformative Israel experience, Jewish life requires togetherness to thrive. While the conference this year cannot bring our dynamic community together in person, we are combining technology and design to recreate what we miss the most: the energy of sharing a space with other people. Nothing can replace the real thing — but unlike many online events, the JFN conference will prioritize participant networking and connectivity around the ideas and passions they share. As at any JFN conference, we offer inspiring keynote speakers, thought-provoking conversations, skill-building workshops, and discussion opportunities to help Jewish funders improve the quality and efficacy of their philanthropy.

The JFN conference creates a special chemistry, providing funders around the globe an unparalleled opportunity to form bonds that are both strong and flexible. Those relationships support the best of independent Jewish philanthropy: thoroughly informed, deeply networked, and free to experiment and learn.

We hope you’ll join us, for only by being together can we strengthen the relationships, open the conversations, and generate the ideas that will carry us forward to a brighter tomorrow.